Happy 165th Birthday Bram Stoker!

My brilliant Irish Uncle Lee who was born in Belfast and now resides in Dublin (Professor-Trinity College) first introduced me to Bram Stoker , a fellow Dubliner, when I was little girl. The stories Lee made up about vampires (paraphrasing I’m sure for little ears) thrilled me and the scary books he unearthed in mouldy used bookstores peaked my interest in the world of horror and fantasy. Dracula was one of the books he gifted to me, even though at the time i didn’t realize what influence it would have on my life.

The Bram Stoker Estate.


2 thoughts on “Happy 165th Birthday Bram Stoker!

  1. Awesome blog! Dracula is one of my favourites, have you ever tried Anno Dracula by Kim Newman? I’d highly recommend 😉

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