DIY of the Week: 5 Creative Things to do with Plastic Vampire Teeth

I love the idea of turning dollar store items into cool and useful Halloween decor.

A good example of this is plastic vampire teeth. I have had a package of these things hanging around for ages and now i know exactly what to do with them.

(TIP: put a dab of hot glue in the corners before you paint them to help them stay upright)

#1. You can use them as name holders for a sit down meal…(spray paint them with metallic paint to get this silver/pewter effect)

#2. Use them as napkin rings …

#3. Make tiny signs for the buffet to let your guests know what they are eating (or who made what)…

#4.  Carve Vampire Mini Pumpkins…These cute little guys would look good with all sorts of coloured teeth…OR

here’s a new idea…put a glow stick or bracelet inside before you put the white teeth in to make them *GLOW*

#5. And finally…Looks great as a drink garnish…(drizzle strawberry sundae syrup inside and around the rim and dust with red sugar to make the vampire blood effect)


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