The 10 Best Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes

Is it just me… or does it seem like a whole lot of candy goes to waste every year after Halloween? Last year, my best friend dumped her leftover candy off at my house because her 2 kids were so sick of it it they didn’t even want to look at it anymore, never mind eat it.  I can’t blame her, I always think i am going to finish off that bag (or plastic pumpkin, or pillowcase) full of treats but I  usually end up finding it under the bed in January…What a waste! We worked really hard for that stuff …walking for hours in the cold, lugging that bulging bag from house to house…*Cough*  Right Kids?

Here are some creative recipes to make sure you use up every last ounce of that hard won loot. ..

“Franken-Candy” Brownies

Candy Bar Smoothie

Candy Corn Fudge

Candy Corn and Pretzel Bark

Candy Bar Apple Salad

Peppermint Patty Brownies

Chocolate Cookie Kisses

Monster Munch

Candy Infused (Flavoured) Vodka

And the NUMBER ONE thing you can do with your leftover Halloween candy??

Oh ya that’s right…

Deep Fried Candy Bars


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