Vampire Bites: The True Blood Cookbook

Bon Temps Bloody Mary

I have a confession to make, I love food almost as much as I love Halloween. Well almost.

I especially love Southern Louisiana food.  I practically ate my way through New Orleans last time I was there so believe me, I was excited to hear about a book that combined my love for Southern Louisiana cooking and one of my favourite TV shows, True Blood. As anyone who is a fan of HBO’s hit vampire TV series True Blood knows, almost every scene features some sort of southern delicacy from crawfish to grits to pecan pie. The recipes in the book were complied by renowned Cajun Chef  Marcelle Bienvenu, who created the fare to compliment the series.

There are over 150 pictures and 85 mouthwatering recipes and with names like “Last Rites Pecan Pie” and  “Up in Arms Biscuits and Gravy” creator Alan Ball promises to entertain as well, keeping the spirit of the TV show throughout the book with some excellent photos and stories.

I am currently going through True Blood withdrawal right now so this just might get me through the winter…I can’t wait to try the crawfish dip and the huge list of cocktails inspired by the show…Hair of the Wolf, anyone?


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