Nancy Baker has written some of my favorite Vampire novels…if you haven’t read any of her work…go…now…get off that computer chair and order a copy of a terrible beauty or the night inside

…your fiction collection is not complete without them!


Speculating Canada: Canadian Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy

An Interview with Nancy Baker by Derek Newman-Stille

I have been an admirer of Nancy Baker’s work for some time, so I was really glad that she agreed to do an interview on Speculating Canada. Nancy Baker is the author of novels such as The Night Inside, Blood and Crysanthemums, and A Terrible Beauty. I will let her introduce herself and share some of her incredible insights on the vampire, and on horror and fantasy.

Spec Can: To begin the interview, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Nancy Baker: I’m Canadian, older than I like to think about, have a day job in the business end of the magazine publishing field and can find a thousand ways to avoid writing, including reading other people’s writing, gardening, making jam, and attempting to do a headstand.

Spec Can:  What is unique or different about your vampire…

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