10 Pet Gifts That Don’t Suck

So your looking for a gift to give your little Muffin or Fido this Christmas but are fresh out of ideas? Here is my list of Halloween (and humour) inspired gifts for the pet lover that definitely don’t suck…not like that lame fur covered mouse you bought last year…

Zombie Leg Dog Toy

Every dog needs a zombie leg to chew on…

DJ Cat Scratching Pad

Don’t ask him to put you on the guest list…he hates that.

Dog Mustache Chew Toy

So your dog can enjoy “Movember”…

Pets Eye View Camera

See things from their point of view…just about crotch level…

Inflatable Unicorn Horn 

Because cats just don’t get enough humiliation on the internet…

Zombie Bio-hazard Leash

Make sure your pooch is ready for the zombie apocalypse…

Shark Pet House

What pet wouldn’t want to hang out inside a metallic shark?

Severed Fingers Catnip Toys

Because Your cat watches Dexter too…

Halloween Pet ID Tags

Personalized Halloween tags so your little baby can rock Halloween all year long…

Skull and Crossbones Poop Bag Dispenser…

Ok I know, this is really for you but come on, how else can you make poo cool? Skull and crossbones that’s how.


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