How to Make Black Light Lemonade

I tend to think something is more exciting if it glows in the dark. Take plain old lemonade for instance…

The secret here is Tonic water. It glows under black lights (remember the glow in the dark cupcakes?)

Step 1. Pour tonic water into a punch bowl or glass carafe

Step 2. Add powder lemonade mix to taste  *no ice as it will dilute the tonic water

Step 3. Place under black light and watch it GLOW!

…This ain’t yer grandma’s lemonade!

Courtesy of : Girl Loves Glam: Black Light Lemonade.


6 thoughts on “How to Make Black Light Lemonade

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  2. Reblogged this on The Year of Halloween and commented:
    Darlings, who doesn’t love a little glow-in-the dark cocktail any time of the year? The secret to this lit-up libation is tonic water in the lemonade, so why not throw in a little gin if you want a ghoulishly grown-up twist?

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