How to Make Drunken Gummi Bears

Apparently, There are quite a few ways to get a gummi bear drunk. Drunken Gummies (or Vodka Infused  Gelatin Omnivores to you Foodies) are a really fun party treat and a great alternative to jello shots. The best thing about this recipe is there are literally hundreds of different flavour combinations you can experiment with…

You Will Need:

Gummi Bears (soft and chewy style)

Alcohol of your choosing

Air Tight  Container


Pour your desired alcohol over the gummies to just cover them and let sit in the refrigerator for 5-8 hours for a light bear or 48 hours for a heavy bear. Stir to separate occasionally. When you are done soaking, rinse them off in a colander and pat them to dry. Place them back in the sealed container in the fridge.

The Bears can be soaked for up to a week depending on how alcoholic you want your gummies, the candy will soak up all of the alcohol you put in the dish so keep that in mind if you don’t want yours to be that “potent”. Warning: After a week you will end up with giant roaring grizzly bear gummies that are ready to rip the doors off the fridge.

The more potent the alcohol the stronger the bear…experiment to see what type of bears you like best.

**Note: do not use swedish fish or berries as the harder style of gummie candy does not absorb the alcohol as well and turns into a hot mushy mess.

What is your Favorite Flavour?

The sky’s the limit…but here are a few of my favorites:

Vanilla Coke Bears: Vanilla Vodka and Cherry & Cola Bears

Appletini Bears: Green Apple Bears and Vodka

Sangria Bears: Fruity Bears and Red Wine

Strawberry Daiquiri Bears : Strawberry Bears and Tequila

Absinthe Bears : Absinthe and Green Bears

Rummy  Bears: Rum(White) and Cola Bears

Go home Gummi Bears you’re drunk…

Courtesy of : My Thirty Spot and Serious Eats


6 thoughts on “How to Make Drunken Gummi Bears

    • Its best if they are a certain consistentsy, so im not sure they would work with worms but trial and error is best. Certain types of gummy work better than others, the firmer the better 🙂

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