13 Things You Missed at This Year’s Comic-Con

Toronto will be having it’s version of the largest nerd convention in the world in August (Fan Expo Aug. 22-25) and Halloween Culture will be there to give you the whole scoop but until then have a peek at Eva’s take on the San Diego Comic Con over at The Year of Halloween.

Kittens, as much as I’m bursting to talk about my recent short stay in New Orleans, I think we all know there’s something that takes priority: the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. Started in 1970 with guests such as Forrest J. Ackerman and Ray Bradbury, attendance at this year’s SDCC (true official name Comic-Con International: San Diego) was estimated to exceed 130,000 visitors, not counting street-side gawkers, party-goers, and other hangers-on not lucky enough to get their hands on one of increasingly-hard-to-acquire tickets. If you didn’t attend this year, here are thirteen highlights you missed. Not to worry, darlings. It’s nearly as good as being there.

  1. The 7th Annual San Diego Zombie WalkSan Diego Zombie Walk down 5th Avenue during SDCC Photographed by Charlie Neuman for UT San Diego
  2. Tom Hiddleston as Loki fiendishly recruiting an army at the Marvel panel (where details for Avengers 2 were also announced).  
  3. Bryan Cranston walking around in this ultra-realistic (and supremely creepy) Heisenberg mask.Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Anna Gunn at the SDCC Breaking Bad Panel photographed by KC Alfred for UT San Diego
  4. A trailer for season 2 of Arrow…and the introduction…

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