It might be easier to move…

it might be easier to move...


10 thoughts on “It might be easier to move…

  1. I’m preparing to put mine up first week in October! Yeah! I’ve got to shop for some new ornaments. I saw some shower curtains on your site that I liked… Have a great weekend Celeste!

    • Thanks Sandee! I will be starting around that time as well…it takes awhile to get it all up so I do it in stages.Do you have a theme this year? Mine is “The Witches Ball” 🙂

      • Wow — thanks for that idea! — I never thought of an actual theme — I’m just a general Halloween-fest kind of decorator. I will be working in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery doing tours this year — hmmm… Maybe I could do a theme around that, with the Headless Horseman et al…

      • No way! I was literally just in Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow! It was an amazing cemetery you are so lucky to live near there…we spent like 3 hours there. lol. We swung by there after we visited Salem, Mass. (hence my Witches Ball Theme).

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