Hello October! Oh how we have missed you!

Well this is it folks…October.

The month that we Halloween freaks have been dreaming about since November 1st… Are you ready?

If you are like most Halloween addicts, myself included, you are most definitely NOT. I like to think of most of my Halloween projects as never finished, just abandoned (insert snide Picasso reference here) and this year is no exception. I have so many wonderful things I would like to create to celebrate my  2013 “season of the witch theme” I can hardly keep them all straight.

Although Wine usually helps.

Of course the preparations have begun, the furious costume making has taken over my living room and my apothecary jar selection is slowly enveloping my dining room table. I can honestly say there is never a dull moment around our house this time of year. Also not a lot of sleep. And I’m pretty sure the whirring of the sewing machine keeps the neighbours up at night.

I hope that maybe one day there will finally be a year that I will get to enjoy October without the usual late night hysterics, covered in monster mud and fake blood…but then would it be as fun?

Here’s to Halloween 2013, Let the madness begin! *Clink



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