Halloween is not just a holiday, for myself and for many other people I know, it’s a way of life. We plan our Halloween displays and costumes year round, give each other Halloween themed birthday presents and most of all throw massive Halloween parties that are talked about for years.

I admit, my intentions with this blog are very ambitious;

I have collected hundreds of recipes, make up and costume ideas and decorating tips in my years as a Halloween junkie and I am ready to share my secrets with you!

I hope you will join me in the dark ;P

Celeste Smith,

Dark Culture Aficionado

& Professional Halloweener


9 thoughts on “About

    • Wow thanks Adam! I think people are a little “comment shy” because it’s such a new page? BUT I love to get feedback! BRING IT ON! (by the way YOUR page has really helped this newbie navigate the blogosphere…thank you so much for all your great posts! and sarcasm.)

    • Thank you! While I indeed believe “everyday is Halloween” I think a countdown the my favorite holiday just makes me that much more excited 🙂

  1. Just stumbled across your wonderfully lovely blog, and I have to admit to have been poking around for a good couple of hours now XD It’s just lovely! I rather enjoy what you have going on here, just the perfect dose of creepy for my tastes. hehee. And you come across so adorably in your creepy ways, you make the time here pleasant. Rather happy to have found your little slice of internet space, look forward to seeing and reading more. Sending the best of wishes.

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