Cool Find: Full Moon Floor Pillow


If you always wanted to know what it was like to sleep on the moon, here is your chance…minus the million dollar price tag and seat beside the creepy Australian billionaire.



Cool Find: Red Splash Spoon Rest


Have you ever had a “Dexter” moment? You know, a moment when you feel like taking a kitchen appliance and doing something really, really bad with it? If the answer is yes…then this is your spoon rest.

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World Market’s Pre Halloween Sale…FREE Shipping and 10% off until 09/22/13!


Is it just me who gets excited about a Halloween sale? I am loving World Market‘s 2013 Halloween offering this year (I have probably pinned half of it to my Pinterest site already) so I am really thrilled to hear about it’s FREE shipping sale on this weekend.

(Also make sure to use the coupon code SAVEBIG10 to save an additional 10%!)

Let the shopping begin!

Spellbook Treat JarSweet Spirits Day of the Dead Cookie Stamps, 4-Count

All Hail the Mighty Cthulhu?


When H.P Lovecraft wrote his horror masterpiece The Call of Cthulhu , I’m doubtful he envisioned the future cult celebrity of his ultimate evil god. Or maybe he did.  His hideous appearance, incredible power and impossible to spell name has captured the imagination of a new generation of horror fans. Fans who love plush toys and silly hats…

Is this a cheapening of the great man’s work or is it a modern ode to the genius that created this mythos?

I’m not sure myself but I really want those slippers.

Of such great powers or beings there may be conceivably a survival… a survival of a hugely remote period when… consciousness was manifested, perhaps, in shapes and forms long since withdrawn before the tide of advancing humanity… forms of which poetry and legend alone have caught a flying memory and called them gods, monsters, mythical beings of all sorts and kinds…

– Algernon Blackwood

Cool Find: Skel-A-Gnome Garden Sculpture


OK, I have to admit I think Gnomes are pretty cool…but Skeleton Gnomes? Now you’re really speaking my language. These little guys will scare the bejesus out of your local garden club members.


Courtesy of: What on Earth – SKEL-A-GNOME MAN GARDEN SCULPTURE.