Snow Pumpkin…Carved It, Just Can’t figure Out a Way to Light It…




Cool Find: Red Splash Spoon Rest


Have you ever had a “Dexter” moment? You know, a moment when you feel like taking a kitchen appliance and doing something really, really bad with it? If the answer is yes…then this is your spoon rest.

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World Market’s Pre Halloween Sale…FREE Shipping and 10% off until 09/22/13!


Is it just me who gets excited about a Halloween sale? I am loving World Market‘s 2013 Halloween offering this year (I have probably pinned half of it to my Pinterest site already) so I am really thrilled to hear about it’s FREE shipping sale on this weekend.

(Also make sure to use the coupon code SAVEBIG10 to save an additional 10%!)

Let the shopping begin!

Spellbook Treat JarSweet Spirits Day of the Dead Cookie Stamps, 4-Count

How to Make Demonic Garden Gnomes: Turning Good Gnomes Evil



Image of gnomes with glowing eyes

In this video [Jack] will show you how to take a garden gnome and a solar light to create a FrankenGnome that is sure to creep out your friends and neighbors. This Hackaday original video is the first in a new series of videos that we will now be posting on a weekly basis.

You’ll notice a few symbols at the beginning of these videos. These symbols are there to help you understand what the video is all about. In the upper left corner, we have the skill level. These will range from 1 for very basic projects to 4 for highly advanced projects. The upper right corner breaks the video into two categories. The first category is ‘feature adding’. In these videos we will be taking off-the-shelf items and modifying them to do something new. The other category is ‘skill building’. In these, we will be exploring different topics…

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Cool Find: Skel-A-Gnome Garden Sculpture


OK, I have to admit I think Gnomes are pretty cool…but Skeleton Gnomes? Now you’re really speaking my language. These little guys will scare the bejesus out of your local garden club members.


Courtesy of: What on Earth – SKEL-A-GNOME MAN GARDEN SCULPTURE.

DIY of The Week: How To Make Your Own Halloween Solar Lights



This one is so easy that a zombie could do it.

Pick up a half dozen or so solar lights. I find that this display looks best when you put them in large groups. You can line your driveway, light up your graveyard or porch without the worry of burning down the neighbourhood.

Look for great deals at garage sales and church sales. Usually the lanterns have seen better days but the light works fine, and since we are throwing that part away…it’s perfect. I got my box of a dozen lights for 5 bucks!

Pop the light mechanism out of the lantern and place in your chosen plastic halloween prop. You can glue it into place if you like.

Skulls and pumpkins were used for this tutorial but you can use anything really. The dollar store is filled with plastic cheesy props that take on a whole different look when illuminated, so get creative and light up the dark!

Courtesy of: Dishfunctional Designs: Decorate For Halloween With Solar Lights!.

How to Make Spooky Halloween Soda Bottle Bell Or Cloche Jars


This fantastic tutorial makes it easy to make expensive looking cloche jars with dollar store items and empty soda bottles. A cloche or bell jar would be a fantastic addition to your spooky apothecary display. Victorians would use the bell jar to create amazing mini terrariums in their garden rooms. Click on the link for the full tutorial.

Courtesy of: Seeing Things: Soda Bottle Bell Or Cloche Jars.