Cool Find: Full Moon Floor Pillow


If you always wanted to know what it was like to sleep on the moon, here is your chance…minus the million dollar price tag and seat beside the creepy Australian billionaire.



Cool Finds: The Evil Goods Coffin Surfboard


I am almost beyond words when it comes to this item. Coffin. Surfboard. Yup, it’s just that awesome.

Courtesy of: The Evil Goods

Cool Finds: Skull Toaster Burns a Skull and Crossbones in Your Toast


I never realized how many cool toasters were out there until I started researching this piece…that odd statement being said…this one is definitely the most badass. What self respecting halloween addict would not love eating skulls for breakfast?

Courtesy of Trend Hunter: Totenkopf Skull Toaster- Burns a Skull and Crossbones in Your Toast.

How to Make Spooky Halloween Soda Bottle Bell Or Cloche Jars


This fantastic tutorial makes it easy to make expensive looking cloche jars with dollar store items and empty soda bottles. A cloche or bell jar would be a fantastic addition to your spooky apothecary display. Victorians would use the bell jar to create amazing mini terrariums in their garden rooms. Click on the link for the full tutorial.

Courtesy of: Seeing Things: Soda Bottle Bell Or Cloche Jars.