Happy Halloween From Halloween Culture!


Well friends, it’s finally here…the day we have been looking forward to all year! I have so many things planned…I hope you do to!

If not grab a snack and watch a scary movie, Halloween doesn’t have to be elaborate just have fun!


Happy Halloween!


Candy Corn Milkshakes


We seem to be experiencing a “long, hot autumn”, so I thought maybe a cool Halloween treat might be in order…

Courtesy of: Candy Corn Milkshake Recipe for Halloween! Kara’s Party Ideas.

Pumpkin Pie Lasagna


I cannot wait to try this gorgeous no bake pie, with layers of graham crackers, pumpkin mousse and whipped cream, then drizzled with chocolate chips. Imagine my surprise that according to Julianne over at Beyond Frosting , it only takes only about 10 minutes to make! Score one for the frazzled time deprived Halloween addict!

Courtesy of: Beyond Frosting 

How to Make Folk Art Jack-o-Lanterns from Dollar Store Pumpkins


Vintage Halloween decorations are on a serious “coolness” comeback…the trouble is, they are hard to find and often very expensive.

Here is a DIY solution from Rook No. 17 that helps you get the look of vintage without the price or hassle, just a little creativity…

*Rook No. 17: recipes, crafts & whimsies for spreading joy*: Make Folk Art Jack-o-Lanterns from Dollar Store Pumpkins ~ Guest Post.

DIY of the Week: How to make an (Easy) Elegant Raven Wreath


I Love Ravens…I am always looking for way to increase my flock…here is a great idea to spice up those dollar store ravens that is simple yet elegant…

*Rook No. 17: recipes, crafts & whimsies for spreading joy*: Easy, Elegant Raven Wreath.