Walken In A Winter Wonderland…


Walken In A Winter Wonderland...

As that” other big holiday” approaches…


Cool Finds: The Evil Goods Coffin Surfboard


I am almost beyond words when it comes to this item. Coffin. Surfboard. Yup, it’s just that awesome.

Courtesy of: The Evil Goods

Cool Finds: The Chum Buddy Shark Pillow


Ever wonder what it would be like to be eaten by a shark but don’t want to go through the messy “shark attack” part? Well now you can with the Chum Buddy Shark Pillow…I am declaring this as the best pillow…EVER.

Courtesy of: The Chum Buddy

Cool Find: Baby Tattoo Sleeves


I had to take a second look at this photo too…Its actually a onesie…great for a Halloween costume or that trip to the mall any time of the year to see how many stares you get.

Courtesy of: Inked Shop